What is Montessori?

Montessori is a gentle and caring approach to learning which focuses on each child and their individual needs with an emphasis on learning through play in a specially prepared and stimulating environment. 

It gives children the freedom to choose their own play as opposed to having to fit into an adult imposed timetable and provides them with an extended period of time in which to develop their independence, confidence and thinking skills. 

Every child is encouraged to grow and develop at a pace that suits them with staff observing their needs and planning and presenting appropriate activities to stimulate, develop and captivate them.

Young children who have experienced opportunities to make choices in an atmosphere of freedom with responsibility and who are encouraged to be independent in their actions and decision making, who are guided by respectful, knowledgeable and consistent adults, develop a strong sense of self, natural confidence and curiosity as well as a sense of well being and belonging.  These qualities will serve them well, not only for when they enter primary school, but also in any new social and learning situations they are likely to experience in life.


 Our aim for all children at Tiggy's

 "Help me to help myself, then let me do it for myself"


Tiggy's Montessori Nursery

Newport Rugby Club

Forton Road


Shropshire TF10 8BU

Tel:  01952 810021 

mon - thu 8.30 - 4.00 

fri 8.30 - 3.30

during term time.

email outside of nursery hours: info@tiggysmontessori.co.uk


Our latest news

Availability update - Apr 20 


Limited availability for September 20 - July 21. Please contact us by email for more information due to our current closure.

Ofsted Inspection 02 March 2020

Report pending online - due to coronavirus pandemic Ofsted are not publishing any inpsection reports 

100% First Aid Trained

All staff have current paediatric first aid certificates

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