Parent comments and feedback 

Best things about Tiggy’s by parents & carers

Valued as individuals                       Learning through play

A happy, safe, secure, special and unique learning environment

Respect for each other                   Develop of independence and confidence

Forest School                                    Calmness, warm approach

‘A beautiful and happy experience’

Tiggy’s has encouraged my child to be inquisitive, confident, sociable and receptive to new things

Nurseries as special as Tiggy’s are few and far between

Tiggy’s really champion and believe in the abilities of small people

Tiggy’s is amazing, I have visited 11 nurseries so I’m well qualified to comment

Outstanding care and professionalism, fantastic liaison with parents

Intimacy of the nursery due to high staff ratio

The yellow book is a precious record of my child’s early years

An exceptional environment, you’ll never find a more stimulating and fun place to learn

I trust all of you implicitly

A staff team passionate about their jobs

Truly amazing and experienced carers, thank you for the endless love & care

Nurturing staff – you have excelled and exceeded my expectations

Lovely staff who genuinely want the best for the children

The staff are the most accommodating, flexible, caring, loving and inspirational people

Tiggy’s is a place of calm wonderment. We have always had the confidence that you have it all under control. He is safe. You are kind, strong, gentle and passionate. You really are a formidable team


A parent’s view

Dear Nicola - Firstly, thank you. You and your team have left such a lasting impression on us as a family, I am not sure where to begin..

As a first time Mum with no friends with experience of choosing a nursery, trying to find somewhere I would be happy to leave my first born seemed like an impossible task.  I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and the only advice I was given was ‘go with your gut’ What on earth did that mean? I thought. Off I went to do the rounds of all the local nurseries and as soon as I walked in through the doors of Tiggy’s, boom, there it was!  The vibe your setting gives off is immeasurable. I can’t put my finger on what it is, exactly.

One of the main draws for me was the age of your staff, I wanted someone that has been there, done that, cleaned up the vomit and changed the T shirt. I want someone that will cuddle my child to stop the tears and someone who has very successfully raised small humans into big ones.

You have all helped shape me into the mother I am today. I will never forget the day you approached me about potty training. We had tried lots of times but you quite abruptly told me to do it now as he was getting too old. I’ll be honest, I was quite taken a back so I went home and thought to myself ‘Right, I’ll send him in pants and he can wee and poo all over them and see how they like it’ The following day he went in his pants with about 5 changes of clothes and the little monkey didn’t have a single accident! A week after he was totally dry, day and night. I don’t think I wanted you to be right, but you were!

The experiences both my boys have had, because of you and your team, have been incredible. You should be so proud of the reputation Tiggy’s has, far more  than an outstanding Ofsted report.

Thank you for supporting us through illnesses and celebrations and we are so glad we moved house so our boys could be Tiggy’s children (yes, we really did!)

Thank you for everything.


Tiggy's Montessori Nursery

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Availability update at 09/05/24


Next availability for children born on/after 01/09/2022 is September 2025 - please get in touch to be added to our list for visits when they become availabile.


We are FULLY BOOKED for all other age groups - children born on/between 01/09/2020 - 31/08/2022 

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